Ashley V. Owen

Do you have a flawlessly designed web page that you are now ready to fill with solid, original, and engaging content? Or perhaps you’re falling behind on your blogs or weekly article posts?

If so, I’m your girl.

You provide me with the details of your goals for your project. Then I make it happen for you, by creating top-notch content that will draw your audience in and keep them coming back for more. It’s that simple!

 I not only enjoy –but also excel- at writing about a broad variety of topics in addition to promoting quality products and services.

As a writer, I have 7+ years of experience in the following areas-

  • Tech & Gadgets 

  • Health & Wellness

  • Digital Marketing

  • Small Business & Freelance Advice & Tips

  • Pets & Other Animals

  • Helping others find new gigs (Resume, Cover Letter, & Portfolio Writing).

I can tell you from experience that even the most beautiful site will turn viewers and/or customers off if your copy or other content is outdated, or just a sloppy rehash of what is already available elsewhere. You need original, fresh content that engages readers.

I can provide you with top-notch articles, blogs, or other content (SEO and ranking optimization available) that fit your site perfectly. Contact me today to discuss your project and I’ll let you know a bit more about what I can do to make your site a success!

Please feel free to take a look around and peruse some of my work samples, client testimonials, and other posts. Look for me on or drop me a line on my contact page if you have any questions or are interested in discussing a proposal!

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